Accessories are the spice of life, right? We kinda feel that way about our accessory line here at ScrapNcube because, as you will see, they complete the look and functionality of your Studio Stations and are also a great addition to your creative space. So go for it...Accessorize!

Our Hanging File Drawers will organize you in a way that will allow you to SEE your papers at a glance!

Ideal storage for projects-in-process or use it as an additional storage drawer...which is something we can all use.

Our Pencil Drawer is a fantastic little drawer that works great on its own on any of our craft tables or use it in conjunction with our keyboard Tray -- perhaps one on each side!

Our new Label Pulls are available in four finishes.

Our custom drawer knobs are the perfect upgrade to your Project Drawer, Hanging File Drawer or any of the cubes with a door...

Our custom drawer pull coincides with our other custom drawer accessories and are specifically for the drawers of our Hanging File Table.

Good lighting makes all the difference when crafting or working. Accessorize your craft or work area with our bright halogen lighting (electric).

The dimmer switch allows you to dim the lighting to the perfect setting and turn the lights off from any location as the control is remoteless.

3" box-bottom legal hanging file folders for your 12x12 papers - 25 files per box.

Non-slip shelf mats that prevent your cubes from sliding. Available in 12" x 60" rolls - cut to size.