cubes and drawers

Our cubes and drawers offer the best of what quality cube storage should be; they're built to last with a lifetime guarantee. If you're looking for quality cubes and drawers, you've come to the right place. We believe in doing things right the first time around and with our cubes and drawers, you won't need to replace them in a couple years as is the case with many others on the market today.

Our cubes and drawers come in three different widths:
  • QB series are our widest cube and they're completely square allowing you to position them either horizontal or vertical.
  • BB series are the next size down and they can house 8-1/2x11 paper on their open shelves. These are a great size for an office as they're narrower and yet offer the same variety of options with their shelves and drawers.
  • QT series are half the width as our QB cubes and therefore two QT cubes equal the same width as our QB cubes. Their narrower size are perfect storage for office supplies, embellishments, jewelry and anything small.
    • QTH series are the same cubes as the QT cubes but these are designed to lay horizontal, and are half the height of the QB cubes.
  • Album storage cubes are taller than our standard cubes and therefore easily house albums of nearly any size.