QB3: 3-shelf cube

  • 3-shelf cube
  • 4" between each shelf
  • supply drawers are 3-5/8" high
  • ribbon drawers are also available with three removable dowels
  • You can also get this cube with a hinged door
  • Dimensions Outside: 13-1/2" (w) x 13-1/2" (h) x 12-3/4" (d)
  • Dimensions Inside shelf: 12-1/2" (w) x 4" (h) x 11-3/4" (d)
3-shelf QB3 that can be positioned either horizontal or vertical with 4" between shelves or add supply or ribbon drawers for additional customization.

Ribbon Drawer for QB3 cube can house approx. 45-60 average size (3-1/2" spools) PER drawer (depending on width of ribbon).

Supply Drawer for 3-Shelf QB3 cube is 3-5/8" high

A 3-shelf cube with shelves (QB3) with a hinged door.