QT2: 2-shelf cube

Our "QT" Cube Series are referred to as our "vertical half cubes" because when you place two QT cubes side-by-side they equal the width of one 12x12 QB cube.

  • Dimensions Outside: 6-3/4" (w) x13-1/2"(h) x 12-3/4" (d)
  • Dimensions Inside shelf: 5-3/4" (w) x 6-1/8" (h) x 11-3/4" (d)
Two-shelf QT2 'half cube' (half the width of a QB cube)

Supply Drawer for 2-Shelf QT2 Cube.

Ribbon Drawer for QT2 Cube holds approx. 9-15 spools of ribbon (depending on the width of the ribbon).