album storage

Album Cubes are designed to accommodate the ever expanding album storage needs.

  • The Album Cube (AC) is taller than our original line of cubes (14-5/8" inside height) to accommodate the large range of album sizes available on the market today.
  • The Album Accessory Cube (AAC) is basically the same as our QB6 Cube in that it uses the same drawers, however, it only has "5" shelves, which makes it shorter in height.
  • Stack the Album Cube and the Album Accessory Cube on top of one another to equal the height of two stacked QB's, BB's or QT's which is 27" tall.
Album Combos consist of an Album Cube (QB-AC) and an Album Accessory Cube (QB-AAC). When stacked together, they equal the height of two standard Cubes (27" h). Shipped as two separate units and can be stacked in any order you chose.

Album Accessory Cube with shelves is 11-3/8" tall. Holds 120 sheets of cardstock per shelf. Also compatible with QB Paper Drawers(QB6-PD) sold separately. When stacked with the Album Cube (QB-AC), it will equal the height of two standard Cubes (27" h).

At 15-5/8" tall, it allows for a little extra height to house all of your larger albums; combined with the Album Accessory Cube (AAC) they equal the same height as two of our standard cube lines.

Album Accessory Multi Cube includes a 3-5/8" deep drawer and a 5-3/4" deeper drawer.

Album Accessory Multi-2 cube includes a 1-1/2" drawer, and two 3-5/8" drawers.