how to file

This view shows you how we recommend you fan your papers out across the width of the file. As you can see, this allows you to see all of your 12x12 pattern papers at a glance as you gently peruse all of your gorgeous papers!

Close-up view of 12x12 pattern papers fanned across file.jpg
Below: View of a 3" Box-bottom Legal Hanging File Folder -- note the pleating at the bottom of the file. This allows your 12x12 papers to sit deeper in the folder.
Do not insert the cardboard piece on the bottom of the file.
3-inch box-bottom legal file folder.jpg

Files to Purchase for your 12x12 Pattern Papers:

View of 3-inch box-bottom hanging file with Info Pocket to hold your coordinating page embellishments.jpg

Tips on how to Organize your 12x12 pattern papers:

  • Organize by Color (all of your yellow prints and patterns, followed by your orange prints and patterns, etc).
    • Recommend File: Staples Item #521526 file folder
  • Organize by Manufacturer by keeping all of your manufacturer 'family lines' together. This way all of your coordinating papers are in one area.  If you like the idea of also storing your coordinating stickers and page embellishments with your 12x12 pattern papers, then we would recommend purchasing the files noted below.
    • Recommend File: Staples Item #521526 file folder with an Info Pocket to hold the coordinating embellishments in with the papers.
  • Organize by Holidays, Seasons and Special Occasions like Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, School Days, Winter and Fall... etc.
  • Organize your scrap papers either behind each color, manufacturer or season.  Or, create a section in your Hanging File Table that is just for your scrap papers.  Utilizing a space for your scrap papers is very important when you consider the small investment that most of us have in our papers!!

How to Organize your Scrap Papers? 
(You can use regular legal file folders for your scraps and they're less expensive too

  • By Color Only -- Create a Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, etc... files with labels.  Use this system if you want all of your solid cardstocks in with the same color pattern papers.  So anything in the Red color family would go into the Red file, etc.
  • By Color & Pattern -- Create the same solid color files as listed above.  In addition to that, you'll also create files for your pattern and textured papers as well.  For example, you'll have a Red print, Orange print, Yellow print, etc.  Use this system if you prefer to have your cardstock separate from your patterns.
  • By Color, Pattern, Manufacturer & Special Occasions -- Do the same filing system as above (Color & Pattern) and, in addition, create files for the manufacturer lines that you know you use alot of like Basic Greg, K&Co., 7Gypsies, Brenda Walton, etc..  Personally, I wouldn't recommend  creating a file for each and every manufacturer unless it is a line that you know you'll want to find specific scraps for.  And, last, but certainly not least, create files for the special occasions that you use alot of like Christmas, Birthdays, etc.