corner shelves

Our Corner Shelves are available in the following options for you to choose from:
  • Flat Shelves to match our Corner Craft Tables -- Use any of our cubes as a base to set your shelf on and begin stacking your other cubes on top.
  • Our Corner Shelf With Stand is designed to sit on the outer perimeter of our Corner Craft Table allowing you to maximize your available work space by storing your cubes on top of the shelf. Our cubes can also slide under the shelf with stand should you desire additional table top storage.

If you are in need of a different length shelf, other than what we offer, please be sure and let us know as it is usually no problem to adjust the length or width.

Corner Shelf fits our Corner Tables perfectly. This can be used as a 'hutch syle' when placed on top of three cubes -- one on each end and one in the center.

Corner Shelf with Stand is designed to sit on the back of our Corner Tables allowing our storage cubes to be stacked on top.

With 19" under shelf clearance, it allows room for your computer monitor to sit under the Shelf w/Stand and maximizes table top work-space. Designed to sit on the back/outside parameter of our Corner Tables. Cubes can stack directly on top.

Our 30" Corner Square Corner Shelf with Stand connects perfectly with our other shelf with stands.