inside cindy's studio station

Life, in and of itself, can so easily drain us of what makes us who we are and, this is the reason I find it so very important to surround ourselves as women with those things, and people, who bring us joy, fulfillment, and encouragement. Without this, we can loose ourselves and then we're of no value to anyone -- including ourselves!!

Whenever possible, you'll find me here in my scrapbook room -- also referred to as "My Happy Room..." Just spending time in here fills me not only with inspiration, but it calms my spirit and refreshes my soul.

Perhaps this is why I am so passionate about helping people create organization and harmony within their home and craft spaces. For when we have order and organization in our lives, it automatically brings about feelings of peace and tranquility. And, from that space, I believe we open ourselves up to truly enjoy and experience the essence of who we are and with all that we truly have to be grateful for...

I wish you the kind of joy, peace and creativity that comes from within your own creative space.

Happy Crafting!!

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Many have inquired as to how much it would cost to duplicate 'my happy room.'  In listing out all the product contained within my room, I've got approximately $6,500 worth of ScrapNcube product as shown in this photo... I've since added even more, Lord help me! But with that said, words cannot begin to express how wonderful it feels to have a designated space with furnishings that can withstand not only my storage and organizational needs, but I know that this system will far out live me and still be a functional and beautiful piece of furniture for generations to come!

If you would like more information on my room and/or are interested in creating a wrap-a-round design for your studio and/or special nook, please give me a call toll free at 800-216-4992 or, send me an email -- Below is a floor plan layout of my room.

The color of my table top laminate, is called: Coral Roca #4839-38, which is no longer available. If you're wanting something similar, the Villa Roca #4836-38 is the same pattern, just a little lighter gold color than mine, but still very nice.

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