Below is a selection of some of the standard Brown laminates to choose from; most of these laminates are included in the cost of the table(s). The only exceptions are these listed below:

Premium laminates: HD and Aeon (K) have a special finish enhancing performance against scratches and a higher overall durability. For crafting purposes, we HIGHLY recommend the Premium Laminates.
  • $77.50 per craft table;
  • $97.50 per corner and center room tables;
  • $97.50 for the Craft Table Storage Cart. 
The only other exception would be a laminate with a directional pattern and, those are indicated with an *.  The extra charge for the directional laminates would be determined on what size table(s) being ordered.

Click on the laminates below to see a more detailed picture on the Wilsonart website. The Wilsonart website will open in a new window so you can easily navigate your way back to the ScrapNcube site.
Tan Soapstone 4887-38.jpg
Tan Soapstone
Lodestone 4680-60.jpg
Sandy Topaz 4862-07.jpg
(K) Sandy Topaz
Natural Tigris 4669-60.jpg
Natural Tigris
Granite 4550-01.jpg
(K) Granite
Tungsten Ev 4814-60.jpg
Tungsten Ev
Sable Soapstone 4883-38.jpg
Sable Soapstone
Lodestone 4680-60.jpg
Antique Topaz 4863-07.jpg
(K) Antique Topaz

Spiced Zephyr 4859-60.jpg
Spiced Zephyr
Western Hills 4874-60.jpg
Western Hills
Burnished Chestnut 4796-60.jpg
Burnished Chestnut
Windswept Bronze 4794-60.jpg
*Windswept Bronze

HD Milano Mahogany 4728-52.jpg
(K) Milano Mahogany
Bronzed Fusion 1796-07.jpg
(K) Bronzed Fusion
HD Milano Amber 4724-52.jpg
(K) Milano Amber
HD Sunstone 4781-52.jpg
(K) Sunstone
Crystalline Shell 1834-45.jpg
(K) Crystalline Shell
HD Canyon Passage 1842-35.jpg

HD Sedona Trail 1826-35.jpg
Mountain Passage 1843-45.jpg
Metallic Bronze 1827-35.jpg
HD Milano Blaze 4890-52.jpg
(K) Milano Blaze
HD Milano Brown 4725-52.jpg
(K) Milano Brown
Morro Zephyr 4846-60.jpg
Moro Zephyr