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3" box-bottom legal hanging file folder

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Organize your 12x12 papers so you can easily see them at a glance.

By filing your papers in the 3" box-bottom legal hanging file folders, it allows your 12x12 papers to stand above the file so you can easily see your patterns and colors at a glance because your papers sit deeper in the pleat of the file (you do not use the cardboard insert). Box of 25 files.

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How much paper can each file hold? These are exceptionally strong files. Approximately 5-7 different patterns and fan them out across the width of the legal hanging file folder; leaving just enough of the previous pattern to show. If you have one or 10 of each pattern, it doesn't matter, just stack like papers together and fan out the different colors and patterns.
Can I organize my 8x11 papers in the legal hanging file folders? Yes you can but the 8x11 papers will not stand above the files as your 12x12 papers do.

Organize your scrap papers by color, pattern or by manufacturer in letter size file folders contained within the hanging file.
Organize your stickers/die cuts by category again, within letter size file folders, and label them by subject matter i.e., kids, hearts, flowers, camping, holidays, etc.

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