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BB3-RD: ribbon drawer for BB3 cube


Dowel width is 3/8"

Inside drawer dimensions: 8-1/8"(w) x 3-5/8"(h) x 11-1/2"(d)

Suggested Uses:
  • Ribbon drawer for BB3 cube holds approx. 30-45 spools of average rolls of ribbon PER drawer.
  • contains two wooden dowels that are removable to load and unload your ribbon spools.
  • if you're not able to fill up both dowels with ribbon, remove the extra dowel and use for "other" storage like large punches, paints, fibers, etc.

NOTE: For your larger spools of ribbon, we suggest you purchase any of the 2-RD (QB2-RD, BB2-RD or the QTV2-RD)

Please Note: Ribbon (pictured) is NOT included with the drawer.

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