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QB: multi-6 cube


Dimensions: 13-1/2"(h) x 13-1/2"(w) x 12-7/8"(d)

Our QB-Multi-6 Cube has two drawers on top with one really deep drawer on the bottom to give you even more flexibility with your storage and organizational needs.

Top two supply drawers are QB4D supply drawers
Bottom supply drawer is a QB2D supply drawer(h)

Suggested Uses
  • Adhesives also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with the growing number of mediums used within our paper crafts these days, most of us are finding ourselves loaded down with a specific adhesive for each crafting medium we own!! So, pare them down into drawer specific drawers so that they're not lost in one deep drawer... this will not only look better, but will no doubt save you time from digging through your stash of adhesives!!
  • Ribbons, yes Ribbons!! Who out there among us, who collects ribbons, doesn't own ribbon in a myriad of packaging options...?! Sometimes, we may want to keep them wound around their cardboard so as to keep "the set" together. In this case, keep these in the top shallow drawer (QB6D). And, for the middle drawer, I would encourage you to consider converting this to a QB3-RD (Ribbon Drawer and, using the bottom two drawers for either your loose ribbons or for additional "other storage"...
  • Punches... this would be a good choice if you collected primarily small punches as they would store perfectly in the top three supply drawers and the deep bottom drawer could be used for other storage needs.
  • Tools also are one of those items that are filling our crafting areas just as they once did our father's garage. Most of us crafters have every possible drill, hammer, heavy duty stapler, xyrons, metal /leather punches, etc. And, with an arsenol of tools such as these, we're truly in need of a heavy duty storage container that can handle the wear n' tear that well-used tools generally manifest over time. In addition, we need a container where ALL of our tools can be contained within a specified area rather than scattered here and there. The solution...? Look no farther than our Multi Cubes!!
Additional Storage Ideas
  • Chipboard
  • Stamps and Ink pads and Re-Inkers
  • Paints, Brushes and cleaning supplies
  • Embossing Guns, tools and powders
  • Ink cartridges, Xyron cartridges, electronic cording and gadgits

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