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QB3-RD: ribbon drawer


Dowel width is 3/8"

Inside drawer dimensions: 11-1/2"(w) x 3-5/8"(h) x 11-1/2"(d)

Suggested Uses:

  • Spools of Ribbon at 3-1/2" high
    •  One Ribbon Drawer can hold approximately 45-60 spools PER drawer (depending on width of ribbon)
Special Features:
  • Allows you to pull your ribbon to the desired length when in use and remains in position.
  • Add new spools of ribbon with ease and remove the empty spools when they're gone.
  • This Ribbon Drawer comes with three removable dowels that can be pulled out when not in use allowing you to use the front part of the drawer for 'other storage' UNTIL your ribbon supply grow... and, you know it will.

Please Note: Ribbon (pictured) is NOT included with the drawer.

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