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QB6: 6-shelf cube


Dimensions: 13-1/2"(h) x 13-1/2"(w) x 12-7/8"(d)
Space between shelves: 1 7/8"

Storage Uses:
  • 12x12 cardstock and papers
  • Magazines and books (vertically)
  • Stencils
  • Pages-in-progress
  • Containers of Embellishments, Buttons, Ribbons, etc.
  • Office papers and files
Special Features:
  • Each shelf will hold up to 120 sheets of cardstock per shelf - that's over 720 sheets per cube!!
  • Option of adding our Paper Drawers (see below) to protect your papers from dust and fading from sunlight and florescent lighting.
    • They also reduce the handling of your papers which further protects them from oils on your hands to bending and ruffling of your papers.
  • Turn the cubit horizontal or vertical as it is completely square!!
Versatility: With our 6-shelf cubes, there are many available drawer options to you because the backs of all of our cubes unscrew giving you the ability to remove a shelf or two, or three, to open up a space allowing a deeper drawer to be inserted.

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Additional Product Accessories

Supply Drawer for 6-Shelf QB6 Cube or the Album Accessory Cube (QB-ACC)
Holds 12x12 Paper. Fits the QB6 and Album Accessory Cube (QB-AAC). Holds approximately 100 sheets of cardstock per paper drawer.
Our new Label Pulls are available in four finishes.