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craft table storage cart


Dimensions w/ wings extended:
36-1/2"(h) x 76"(w) x 29-3/4"(d)
Dimensions w/ wings folded down:
36-1/2"(h) x 31-3/4"(w) x 29-3/4"(d)

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Our Craft Table Storage Cart is a mobile 30" storage cart that will house 8 of our standard QB cubes or a combination thereof. And, with the wings fully extended, this 30" table top extends out to 6'4" in length giving you incredible workspace!!

Note: cubes and drawers are sold separately.

Click here for laminate color choices to customize your table top

Amazing Features!!

  • Store away in 32" of space!
  • Can expand up to 6'4" long (when wings are extended) to 76"
  • Mobilized storage cart on heavy duty 5" locking casters which can hold up to 800 pounds!!
  • Holds up to "8" of our QB cubes or any combination thereof!
  • You choose the cubes to customize your storage cart, Your Way!
  • Laminated top and bottom of cart with your choice of laminate!
  • Stores nearly as much as some of our Studio Stations in a compact 30-32" space!
  • Extremely heavy duty with 20-ply Baltic Birch -- check out our construction detail...
  • Pre-assembled on site, however, cart has to be folded up for shipment, so some assembly is required with either a phillips screwdriver or power driver. All parts are color-coded for ease of placement.

Customer Reviews

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I purchased the Craft Table Storage Cart a year ago to fit in a small 3 foot space in our home office. It has incredible storage that can easily be tucked away and then pulled out into the middle of the room when I want to craft -- it's the BEST investment I've made ever!
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My husband got me a Craft Table Storage Cart for my big Christmas gift this past year. It's on heavy duty casters and has the fold up wings so you can craft directly on the table. SrapNcube did a terrific job answering my questions to make sure I ordered the components that best fit my tools and materials. When we received the product we were absolutely thrilled with how it had been packed for shipment and the quality of the materials and their construction. I couldn't recommend this place more highly. Additional components can be purchased for outside the core table. That's how I plan to proceed when I need anything extra. I have had a blast organizing and placing all my stuff in its permanent home!!
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Additional Product Accessories

Non-slip shelf mats that prevent your cubes from sliding. Available in 12" x 60" rolls - cut to size.
The QB Multi-1 Cube features the following drawers: The top drawer is 1-1/2" high, the middle drawer is 3-5/8" high and the bottom drawer is 5-3/4" high giving you many storage options!
The QB Multi-2 Cube features the following drawers: A small 1-1/2" supply drawer on top with a 3-5/8" drawer in the middle with two drawers on the bottom that are 2-5/8" giving you incredible storage within one unique Multi Cube.
The QB Multi-3 cube has been modified to house the following four drawers: You have two drawers on top that are 1-1/2" high with the two bottom drawers that are 3-5/8" high giving you more flexibility to house a variety of supplies within one cube.
The QB Multi-4 Cube features the following four drawers: Three small 1-1/2" drawers on top with one deep drawer on the bottom that is 5-3/4" deep!
QTM1 cube has three different drawers: QT2D supply drawer at 5-3/4" (h), a QT3D supply drawer at 3-5/8" (h) and a QT6D supply drawer at 1-1/2" (h).