laminate sides:

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scrap rack storage cart

SKU car-rack
Outside Dimensions: 33"(h)x32-1/4"(w)x14-5/8"(d)

The height is also available in 12.75" and 19.5" if you wish to store the Scrap Rack on top of the cart and then slide it under your table.

Our Scrap Rack Cart is an incredibly versatile craft cart.
  • Customize the height to fit your needs.
  • Store your crafting supplies in our cubes and drawers.
  • Stack your Scrap Rack on top (it will hold up to two racks on top)
  • Add Spinders and it will house 7 of your Scrap Rack Spinders and you can then add two AAC cubes below the spinders too!
NOTE: Spinders,Storage Cubes and Drawers are sold separately.

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