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the central hub studio station

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Our Central Hub Studio Station offers such an amazing variety of storage options for all of your crafting supplies. Everything from open cubes, shelving for your 12x12 and a plethora of drawer depths and widths to hold virtually anything and everything you need storage for.

In addition to the incredible storage options available within this studio station, it's also very easy to continue to add-on and expand as your supplies and organizational needs grow due to the modular nature of our product.
  • 60" Craft Table
  • 60" Monitor Shelf with Stand sits on the outer perimeter of your table-top giving you maximum workspace. With it being monitor height, you have 19" from your table top to the underside of the shelf with stand. (If you would prefer the 60" Shelf with Stand, that is lower in height, we'll reduce the price accordingly).
  • Keyboard Tray (featured under table top) is customized with the same laminate that you choose for your table top. It's also made of high quality levers which allow you to customize it's height and position for ease of use.
  • Pencil Drawers (two are featured under table top) Although named 'pencil drawer' they can ideally keep all of your tools, pens, markers and small items that you use frequently and need close at hand.
1st Row (from left to right):
  • QB6-Multi Cube
  • Album Cube
  • QTV6 w/6 supply drawers
  • BB2 w/1 supply drawer
  • QB4 w/4 supply drawers
2nd Row (from left to right):
  • QB6 cube
  • Album Accessory Cube
  • QB1-DR
  • BB6
  • QT2 w/2 supply drawers
NOTE: Any changes can be made to any of our Studio Stations; if you require any assistance with this, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to help you.

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Additional Product Accessories

Our 60" Shelf with Stand (SWS) has 13-1/2" clearance under the shelf giving you incredible open workspace, but also allowing room for cubes to sit underneath the shelf too!
Ideal storage for projects-in-process or use it as an additional storage drawer...which is something we can all use.
Our Hanging File Drawers will organize you in a way that will allow you to SEE your papers at a glance!
Non-slip shelf mats that prevent your cubes from sliding. Available in 12" x 60" rolls - cut to size.