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the crafting fanatic studio station


Overall Studio Height: 76"(h)

Our Crafting Fanatic Studio Station features our Monitor height Corner Shelf with Stand giving you over 19" of space from the table top to the underside of the shelving. It's the perfect height to house computer monitors. However, if you need it higher or wish to have the normal corner shelf with stand... we can easily make any changes to accommodate your needs -- No problem -- Please ask!!

This studio station features the following:
  • Expansive Corner Table with a depth of 56-1/2" deep from where you sit to the back corner! (See Corner Table for more detailed dimensions)
  • Keyboard Tray (featured under table top) high quality hardware for easy adjustment and laminated to match your table top. If you don't need the Keyboard and wish to swap it out for something else, just let us's no problem.
  • Monitor Corner Shelf with Stand has a 19" clearance under shelf for computer monitor!
1st Row (from left to right):
  • QT6 cube w/6 supply drawers
  • QT5 Cube w/5 supply drawers
  • QT4 cube w/4 supply drawers
  • QT3 cube w/3 supply drawers
  • Album Accessory Multi Cube has two different drawers in one cube!
  • QB6 cube w/6 supply drawers
  • QB4 cube w/4 supply drawers
2nd Row (from left to right):
  • QB6 cube
  • QB6 cube - same as above...
  • Album Cube
  • QB1-DR is our open cube with a very durable hinge.
  • QB4 positioned vertically

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Additional Product Accessories

Non-slip shelf mats that prevent your cubes from sliding. Available in 12" x 60" rolls - cut to size.