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the heritage studio station


Overall Studio Height: 56 1/2"(h)

Our Heritage Studio Station is an amazing corner studio station offering 12 open shelves for your 12x12 papers plus great storage for supplies, projects and pages-in-progress! This is also a great studio station for beginner crafters or for those who are looking to start out with a quality organizational system that will last a lifetime giving them something they can grow into.

Below lists all of the cubes and accessories that are included in this amazing Studio: (Total height is 56-1/2").
  • Expansive Corner Table with a depth of 56-1/2" deep from where you sit to the back corner! (See Corner Table for more detailed dimensions)
  • Project Drawer (featured under table top)
  • Corner Shelf with Stand
1st Row (from left to right):
  • QB5 Cube w/5 supply drawers
  • QB6 Cube w/2 supply drawers
  • QB6 Cube w/2 supply drawers
  • QB6 Cube w/2 supply drawers
  • QB3 Cube w/3 supply drawers

    NOTE: If you find that you like "most" of the Studio Station but wish to make a simple change or two, we'll gladly make those changes for you and still offer you the discount price! So, give our customer service dept., a call and/or make note in the comments section when placing your order and we'll give you a call to confirm your changes.

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    Additional Product Accessories

    Non-slip shelf mats that prevent your cubes from sliding. Available in 12" x 60" rolls - cut to size.