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the wall studio station


Dimensions: 55"(h) x 13 1/2" (d) x 54" (w)

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We've taken our cubes and drawers and combined them together to create this incredibly organized Wall Studio that can virtually be customized to go anywhere -- and, to fit in any space!! Due to the real wood durability and longevity of our cubes and drawers, our modular organizational system comes with a lifetime guarantee. As shown in our Wall Studio here, we've simply stacked our cubes within a 4' x 5' space and have an amazing amount of scrapbooking and crafting supplies within this small space!!

Products contained in this Wall Studio are:

Bottom Row:
  • 1 - Floor Base with adjustable feet
  • 4 - QB4 cubes
2nd Row from bottom:
  • 1 - BB3 cube w/3 supply drawers
  • 1 - BB2 cube w/1 supply drawer
  • 1 - BB6 cube w6 supply drawers
  • 1 - QT2 cube w/1 supply drawer (open shelf on top)
  • 1 - BB-Multi-4 cube
  • 1 - QT6 cube w/6 supply drawers
3rd Row from bottom:
  • 1 - QB-Multi-5 cube
  • 1 - BB5 cube
  • 1 - QT5 cube w/4 supply drawers (open shelf on top)
  • 1 - BB4 cube w/2 supply drawers (two open shelves on top)
  • 1 - Album Cube
Top Row:
  • 1 - QT1cube
  • 1 - QB1-cube w/door
  • 1 - QT4 cube w/4 supply drawers
  • 1 - QB6 cube w/1 supply drawer
  • 1 - AAC cube w/1 supply drawer

Could I stack only one or two wide and go up five or six cubits high...? Sure can!! There's really no limit to the configurations used. Because they're constructed with a lifetime guarantee they're very durable and can withstand the demands / weight put on them... so, use your imagination and start stacking!!

I need some help to configure a Wall Studio that would fit my space and my supplies... is there anyone here at ScrapNcube that can help me design something...? Yes!! We encourage you to contact us and we'll gladly work with you one-on-one to help you design the perfect organizational space that fits your storage and organizational needs.

Customer Reviews

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I have had my desk and cubes for about 3 years, maybe more, now. I have moved them from one room to another, rearranged my space several time, and I am still so happy with what I have. These cubes are just the most well made, durable, and interchangable way to store all my scrap-stuff. They have held up so well being moved so many times, and when I change my style of working, I simply rearrange my cubes to fit my needs. It doesn't get better than that. When I ordered them originaly, I called and Cindy helped me plan the perfect design. Trust her, she knows what she is talking about. NOTHING you can buy in a local store is near the quality of scrap N cubes. nothing.
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Additional Product Accessories

Non-slip shelf mats that prevent your cubes from sliding. Available in 12" x 60" rolls - cut to size.