built to last

When we began our business, our desire was to create the best quality craft product we could. After researching materials for durability, longevity and beauty, we discovered Baltic Birch Hardwood. Baltic Birch is remarkably strong for its weight and offers life long durability. We are also proud to do our part in helping to be sensitive to our environment: check here for details on our efforts in this area. So with the combined talents of Nature and our Craftsman, we have created, and continue to create, quality products that we're proud to call our own and with that we stand behind all of our products and offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our workmanship. There will be no replacing these in 3 years due to faulty construction!

perfectly mitered corners

hand-sanded to perfection

backs are screwed on to remove shelves
for further customization

detail of tightly fitted shelving

our table tops are made from 20 ply baltic birch and then laminated
on both the top and bottom for incredible strength and durability