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Lety: El Paso, Texas

[Jewelry Station pictured on the bottom] The stuff under the table is Jewelry stuff and now it's nicely organized (and my beautiful daughter -Sofia- is sitting there Happy with her new station!!) and everything is up on the shelf, no longer struggling to open my drawers and having to move all my stuff out of the way and lastly LOVE the labels, at first I was hesitant but that really forces you to think what to keep, accessibility, and limitations, doesn't fit? then I need to use it or lose it!! the old KISS..... Keep It Simple Silly :) and now for my new Mantra>>>>..."Believe in the Scrapncube lady (that's you Cindy) and the Ideas will flow" she told me a few years ago to buy the shelves and I refused to think it would make a difference....well it DOES!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya!!!