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Deadra: Schererville, Indiana

I have to say this is BY FAR the best system I have used since I started stamping/scrapbooking 8 +yrs. ago. I was NEVER using EVERYTHING I had. I always felt like certain embellishments (that I was spending my money on) were being “neglected” due to being so packed away. I was literally wasting money, since I would “LOSE” things and replace them, to later find them in a random box. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” NOW, I am making more beautiful projects because I am SO organized! I never have to question if I have something I want to use and go on a 3 day hunt, it’s all RIGHT THERE!!! The assembly was super easy! The tables basically snap up like a folding table only the NON-flimsy kind that could hold several grown men!!! Seriously I have tons of cubes and I’ve never even heard the smallest creak! AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL! I loved being able to pick out my own countertop! It’s nice to add your own touches!!! This is truly the BEST anniversary gift my husband could have EVER gotten me and I’M SO HAPPY that I was told about Scrap-N-Cube!!! And as an added note, I had NO idea where to start in selecting the best pieces for my work center, Cindy spent time working with me regarding what needed storing, at which point she put a “blue-print” together for me. GIGANTIC HELP!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!