design help?


Are you in need of a little design help?

Organizing and designing the perfect craft room can overwhelm the best of us and, that's where we can help.

We offer two types of design help:

  1. We offer free initial design consultations

    for those of you who have questions on 'how to get started' and 'where to start' as that, in and of itself, can be quite daunting. Please give us a call and let's chat about it as that's what we're here for. If you're looking for questions to things such as:
    • Can you customize a table in width and height beyond what you offer? (absolutely)
    • Can you make a custom desk or cube?
    • What kind of cube should I use for my fabric?
    • Where would you recommend I start if my ultimate goal is to have a studio but I can only afford to get a piece or two at a time?
      1. We offer a refundable Design Service.

        Now, if what you're looking for is more in-depth design help to help you custom design a studio, or an entire room then we would ask for a refundable Design Deposit of $250, which said amount would go towards the purchase price of your Studio once your order was placed, so in essence, it too is free. 

        Once we have received your Design Deposit, we will gladly email over a copy of our Checklist to you so you can begin an inventory of all of your supplies and such. If you would prefer to not go there with an inventory, we can easily talk our way through the design process as well - I've done it both ways and I'm here to serve you in whatever way works best for you.

        The Design Process goes a little like this:
        • We review your Inventory (of supplies) and questions together over the phone.
        • We generally ask for digital pictures of your room with wall and window measurements.
        • It's common to exchange several emails with questions and suggestions, etc.
        • Next, we'll generate a sketch(es) depending on layout options you've requested.
        • We'll draft and re-draft until it meets with your final approval.
        • Once a sketch has been selected, finalized and approved, we'll then put together an estimate on the product contained within your sketch and provide you with a final estimate and shipping/freight quote.
        Our ultimate goal here at ScrapNcube is to help you create a crafting space that is more than generic and functional. We will work along side you and together, create a space that will reflect you and your personal style.  Although organization is a necessary component to creativity, so is functionality and longevity, which is what you'll find when working with us here at ScrapNcube.

        If you're local to our area here in Central Oregon and would like for me to come out to your home for a personal one-on-one consultation, the process is similar to that stated above, but in addition, you will be charged a non-refundable $50/hr. fee for my time to personally go through your supplies and offer my advice on design, layout and organizational suggestions.  You can call me direct to schedule a personalized appointment at 541-385-8047.

        Please note: Design deposits are non-refundable if an order is not placed.