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Cubes: Our Cubes are available in three different widths:
  1. QB = Commonly referred to as our 12x12 Cubes as they hold 12x12 papers on their open shelves at 13-1/2" wide (outside).
  2. BB = Commonly referred to as our 8-1/2x11 Cubes as they hold 8-1/2x11 papers on their open shelves at 10-1/8" wide (outside).
  3. QT = Referred to as our 'half cubes' as two QT Cubes placed side-by-side equal the same width as a QB Cube at 6-3/4" wide (outside).

Our QTH Cube is our 'horizontal half cube' which means that when two QTH Cubes are stacked on top of one another they equal the same height as a standard Cube at 13-1/2" high. By themselves, they are exactly 6-3/4" tall (outside).

Our Cubes are available with different shelf options too. The number after the above listed Cubes refers to the number of shelves that it has. For example, a QB6 refers to our 12x12 Cube with 6 shelves... a BB5 refers to our 8-1/2x11 Cube with 5 shelves, etc.

Listed below are the QB Cube series, the BB Cube series followed by the QT and QTH Cube series. Listed to the right of each Cube are the corresponding drawers and/or doors that can be added.

QB Cube Series:
  • QB6 = six-shelf cube
  • QB5 = five-shelf cube
  • QB4 = four-shelf cube
  • QB3 = three-shelf cube
  • QB2 = two-shelf cube
  • QB1 = an open cube
  • QB6D = 1-1/2" (d) / QB6-PD (paper drawer)
  • QB5D = 2" (d)
  • QB4D = 2-5/8" (d)
  • QB3D = 3-5/8" (d) / door
  • QB2D = 5-3/4" (d) / door
  • QB1 = door
BB Cube Series:
  • BB6 = six-shelf cube
  • BB5 = five-shelf cube
  • BB4 = four-shelf cube
  • BB3 = three-shelf cube
  • BB2 = two-shelf cube
  • BB1 = an open cube
  • BB6D = 1-1/2" (d) / BB6-PD (paper drawer)
  • BB5D = 2" (d)
  • BB4D = 2-5/8" (d)
  • BB3D = 3-5/8" (d) / door
  • BB2D = 5-3/4" (d) / door
  • BB1 = door
QT Cube Series:
  • QTV6 = six-shelf vertical half cube
  • QT5 = five-shelf vertical half cube
  • QT4 = four-shelf vertical half cube
  • QT3 = three-shelf vertical half cube
  • QT2 = two-shelf vertical half cube
  • QT1 = an open vertical half cube
  • QT6D = 1-1/2" (d)
  • QT5D = 2" (d)
  • QT4D = 2-5/8" (d)
  • QT3D = 3-5/8" (d) / door
  • QT2D = 5-3/4" (d) / door
  • QT1D = 5-7/16" (d)
QTH Cube Series:
  • QTH2 = two-shelf horizontal half cube
  • QTH1 = open horizontal half cube
  • QTV2D = 5-3/4" (d)
  • QTV1D = 5-7/16" (d)

Mix & Match your Cubes:

As the backs to all of our Cubes can be unscrewed, it allows you the option of enhancing a shelf into a deeper shelf and/or you can add a deeper drawer. Below are a few examples of the possibilities:
  • Our 6-shelf Cubits (QB6, BB6 and QTV6) can be converted as follows:
    • Remove one shelf and your shelf space goes from 1-7/8" apart to 4" -- Now, you can leave it a deeper shelf, or you can add a "3D" which, depending on what size cube you are adjusting (QB6, BB6 or QTV6) you would select either a QB3D (drawer for a QB3 Cube,) a BB3D (drawer for a BB3 Cube) or a QTV3D (drawer for a QTV3 Cube), which will now fit into a 6-shelf cube that you've customized to hold multiple drawer options!
    • Another option: If you remove two shelves from a six-shelf Cube, your 1-7/8" shelf now expands to 6-1/8" between shelves! If you want to add a drawer in this space, you would add a 2D (again, a QB2-D, a BB2-D or a QTV2-D) depending on which six-shelf Cube you were converting, will now fit into a 6-shelf cube that you've customized to hold multiple drawer options!
    • For the ultimate in drawer options, you could remove the bottom two shelves (of a six-shelf Cube) and insert a 2D, then next... remove the fourth shelf up (or, second one from the top) and insert a 3D and then insert a regular 6D in the top slot, which gives you a MULTI-drawer Cube.
    Note: You can also purchase our QB Multi-Cube Line, BB Multi-Cube Line, or our QT Multi-Cube Line which give you great combinations for all of our cubes.

    Our 4-shelf Cubes (QB4, BB4 and QT4) can also be converted as follows:
    • Remove one shelf and your space goes from 3" apart to 6-1/8" -- Now, you can leave it a deeper shelf, or you can add a "2D" which, depending on what size cube you are adjusting (QB4, BB4 or QT4) you would select either a QB2D (drawer for a QB2 Cube,) a BB2D (drawer for a BB2 Cube) or a QT2D (drawer for a QTV2 Cube), which will now fit into a 4-shelf cube that you've customized to hold multiple drawer options!

    Note: We can also make these adjustments for you in our shop before shipping if you let us know in the "comments" section of your order when checking out for a minimal fee.

    Studio Stations:

    Our Studio Stations have all been custom designed by Scrapbookers and Crafters just like yourself. They were designed to meet the ever expanding need to 'grow' that most of us crafters can relate to... C'mon, you know what we're talking about -- the inability to pass by ALL that really cool stuff displayed so attractively on the shelf of your favorite Scrapbook store... only to find yourself coming home with yet 'another bag of goodies' and finding no where to put it away! Well, that's where our DT (Design Team) came in and put together several Studio Stations that they believed would meet the diverse organizational needs that you all have been sharing with us for so many years... We've been listening!

    If you find a Studio that you're interested in, but just want to change out a few items, PLEASE let us know and we'll gladly make those adjustments for you... afterall, that's the beauty of our product, it's completely modular!