layaway options

With the economy as it is today, we know how difficult financing and purchasing can be on many families. It's with that understanding that ScrapNcube now offers three different Layaway options that we hope will make purchasing a little less stressful on you and your family. Please give us a call to set-up the Layaway Plan that works best for you; you can reach us at 541-419-8282.

NOTE: With all layaway plans, the shipping quotes can only be guaranteed for a 30-day time period.  Therefore, all shipping quotes will need to be re-calculated at the time of shipment and you will be notified of any increase or decrease in costs.

30-Day Layaway Plan:
  • Pay 1/2 at the time of purchase and the remaining 1/2 when your order ships.*
60-Day Layaway Plan:
  • Pay 1/3 at the time of purchase and 1/3 in another 30 days and the remainder on day 60.*
90-Day Layaway Plan:
  • Pay 10% at the time of purchase; 1/3 in 30-days; another 1/3 in 60 days and the balance on day 90.*
Please note that should you require more personalized lay-away plan, please give us a call and we'll do what we can to accommodate a payment plan to better suit you.

Holiday / Gift Orders:
If you're ordering in hopes of receiving your items in time for and/or prior to the holidays, please be sure and let us know and we'll adjust the layaway plan accordingly to do our best to ensure that your gift(s) arrives in time to meet the specified deadlines for the holidays and/or any special day.

* Layaway Stipulations:

With all of our layaway plans, there is NO interest so you can purchase with absolutely NO hidden fees.  There is however, no refund once a layaway has been set aside for purchase. Should you decide to back out of the layaway at any time during the layaway process, there will be no refund of any kind.  Due to the customization and handcrafted nature of our product, all orders are built upon receipt of order and therefore, once an order has been received, it naturally begins the process of being cut and assembled as specified in your order. In addition, any sales and/or promotions that may occur after your purchase has been made cannot be applied to your order even though it remains in layaway. All layaway orders must be paid in full with a major credit card prior to being shipped out.

*Turn-around time and Layaway Payments:
Our processing time on orders varies according to season and demand, which we have no control over. Our average turn-around time is 3-4 weeks but again, depending on differing variables, that time can vary by an additional week or two on either side of that time frame. Depending on the Layaway Plan you choose, your product could be paid for before your order is ready for shipment. In this case, we will notify you to give you the option of paying sooner should you want to do this.  Otherwise, we will continue to hold your order for the layaway time originally specified when your order was placed.