ribbon boards

Supplies You'll Need:
  • sound board material to fit your shelf with stand -- material can be puchased at your local home improvement store or lumber yard.
  • pattern template - used to cut out your sound board material. ScrapNcube has pattern templates available for all sizes of our shelf with stands.
  • fabric - any cotton or linen fabric is going to work well.
  • thin quilt batting
  • upholstery tacks 
  • ribbon or rick rac to coordinate with your fabric
  • staple gun and 1/2" staples
  • small fabric pins about 3/4" long
  • ruler

First off, lay your batting down on the table top; next, lay your posterboard (white side facing down) on top of the batting.  Cut the batting approximately 2" around the perimeter of the posterboard. Next, starting along the long sides of the board, pull the batting around to the other side of the board, pull snugly and staple...repeat.  It is recommended that you do the long sides first and then finish with the short sides.

Next, lay your fabric right-side down on the table; next, lay your batted board on top of the fabric with the top of the batted board facing down. Cut the fabric approximately 2" around the perimeter of the posterboard.  Once you've finished cutting around the board, you'll repeat the stapling affect just as you did with the batting starting along the long sides of the board first and finishing with the short sides.
NOTE: Going around the feet of the shelf board is a little tricky as it will want to pucker on you a bit.  Don't worry too much about the pucker because when we apply the ribbon or ric rack, we'll cover this up.

Okay, now that you have the batting and fabric securely attached to the posterboard, now we get to decorate it with some fun ribbons and/or ric rack.  Remove your ribbons from their packaging and we're going to cut each piece as we go to ensure that they're properly cut to the right length.  Remember that pucker around the legs that we encountered...? Well, that's where we're going to start! So, take your ribbon and tuck it over and under the board and secure with a small straight pin.  Now, angle it upward to where you want it positioned until it looks good to you and secure it with a pin around to the back.  You'll want to bring the ribbon around to the back of the board leaving approximately 2" so you'll have enough to staple and secure.

From here, you'll need to determine how much space you want between each ribbon.  I generally go 5" to 6" apart, but it's really a personal preference so go with what looks good to you.  Once you determine the width between each of the ribbons, repeat making sure that you measure the full width of each ribbon to ensure that it measures the same from the starting point to the ending point -- repeat all the way across the board.

Now, to come back the other way with the ribbon to create the criss-cross affect, we'll start at the same spot we did on the other side -- that pucker on the foot! So, take your ribbon and place it over that pucker, secure with a straight pin along the back and pull upwards to angle in according to your measurements and repeat all the way across.

Once you have all of your ribbons positioned, I always encourage you to look it over and it probably wouldn't hurt to do a quick re-measure between the ribbons to make sure they're all evenly spaced.  Once it looks good, turn the board over and staple all the loose ribbon ends to the back of the board.  Trim ribbon if necessary.

Turn your Ribbon Board over and now we're ready to put the finishing touches on it! At every intersection (where the ribbons cross over), you're going to push in an upholstery tack to secure the ribbons in place.  Repeat until all intersections are tacked securely in place.
Now, the moment you've been waiting for... let's place your customized Ribbon Board onto the back of your Shelf with Stand!  Slide your board under the shelf and, if you have lights affixed under your shelf, you'll want to make sure you come in behind them and push up and back until securely tucked in...that's it, you're done!